School Meals
School Meals
In accordance with the Department of Education’s citywide policy:
  • Breakfast is free. You may purchase milk separately if you are not buying a lunch and bring lunch from home. The cost of milk is $.25 

  • The full price of lunch is $1.75 per day and the reduced price is $.25 per day. Milk is included in the lunch fee. 

  • Many students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. A completed School Meals Application enables eligible students to eat lunch for free or at a reduced rate of $.25.

    Students who are not income-eligible or do not return an application will pay $1.50 for lunch. Parents and guardians can return completed paper applications to school, or apply online NOW at

  • Last year’s lunch forms will remain on file and in effect until October 1, 2015. Current application forms must be returned whether you eat lunch or not. Simply write N/A on the application or “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals” and sign it.
Monthly Menu
For monthly NYC school food menu, see below or click here and select from the menu list:

June Lunch 2017