School Leadership Team
The New York State legislature requires all public schools to establish a School Leadership Team (SLT), which develops a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and a budget for the school. The Team is comprised of the principal, the PTA president, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) chapter leader, four elected teacher representatives, and four elected parent representatives. Elections are held in the late spring, and representatives serve a one-year term. 

The SLT meets monthly. The meetings are open to all members of the school community are summarized in the school newsletter. Please contact this year's team members if you would like the SLT to address a particular issue. 

2015–2016 School Leadership Team

Lee Berman
Andrew Breen
Juan Calvo
Grisy Chamberlain 
Kathleen Keene

Ms. Judy Dauber
Ms. Ellen Gentilviso
Ms. Alice Glick
Ms. Addie Martin-Wat
Principal Karen Feuer