Executive Board

The PTA Executive Board is the steering committee for the organization. The Executive Board guides the PTA by setting the agenda of our meetings, coordinating parent involvement and representing our PTA in district, regional and citywide organizations.

The Board is composed of parents (not employed at the school) who serve as either Members-at-Large or Officers. Members-at Large attend executive board meetings and assist the PTA with specific tasks, such as acting as committee chairs. In addition, parents elect a member as the Title I Representative, while a second parent serves as an alternate. Officers have additional duties as outlined below:

The President is responsible for moderating PTA & Executive Board meetings and, by virtue of the office, is a member of all committees (except the Nominating Committee). The President countersigns all checks and is the executive officer of the organization. The President has additional duties as a core member of the School Leadership Team (SLT) and the District 1 President's Council. The President may also serve in Regional or Citywide DOE committees.  

The Vice President assists the President and is the primary designee to substitute for the President in case of absence at PTA or SLT meetings. The VP also may countersign checks in the absence of the President or Treasurer.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA. The Treasurer has custody of all PTA monies, is a signatory on all PTA checks and makes monthly reports to the PTA at general meetings. In addition, the Treasurer files financial reports in January and June and maintains the books and other financial records for audit.

The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes for all PTA meetings, including Executive Board meetings. The Secretary is responsible for posting minutes, sending mail & meeting notices and maintaining a list of PTA members.