School Facility

Our Library 

Funded by a Robin Hood Foundation Grant, our state of the art Library is on of the outstanding features of PS 110. The library opened in 2008 filled with brand new books and computers. The meticulously designed space creates an ideal atmosphere for students to get excited about reading. Each class visits the library weekly to check out books, listen to readings and participate in interactive discussions. The library also serves as a meeting place for parent groups, hosts evening PTA seminars, and houses a media center for teachers and staff.

The library is currently staffed by interns from Pratt Institute’s School of Information and Library Science and parent volunteers. Every PS 110 parent is welcome and encouraged to get involved.  This three-way partnership allows our children access to a phenomenal resource.  It is also a great example of working together, one of the core values of PS 110.  See more > 

Computer Lab and Technology in the Classroom

At P. S. 110, we believe that computer technology is a valuable tool to enhance teaching and learning. Our students use a variety of technologies to access, analyze, interpret, synthesize, apply, communicate and present information. They learn and practice various skills: keyboarding, desktop publishing, creating multimedia projects, digital photography and videography, painting and illustrating, web authoring, creating spreadsheets and databases, graphing and charting, graphic designing, internet researching, and basic programming.

We have a dedicated instructional computer lab of 30 iMac workstations networked through an Apple X-server, and we also have deployed 5 mobile carts of iBooks, a total of 80 laptops, on various floors for classrooms to use. Every classroom is wired for internet connection, and each classroom has 2-3 computers. All laptop computers can access the internet wirelessly.

Thanks to the RESO A grant, each classroom now has a media cart which houses an Elmo document camera, an LCD projector, a laptop, and a built-in stereo sound system. It is a valuable tool for teachers to use in the classroom for teaching, presentation, demos, and brainstorming.

Our Garden

PS 110 is getting greener by the minute! With an NYC Grow to Learn grant, the school built and planted a school garden. Teachers, parents and students all play a part in planting, watering and caring for the garden. Stop by the inner courtyard to see and taste our bounty: tomatoes, strawberries, wild flowers, edible greens, Echinacea, and other herbs like chives and basil.

In January, 2013, Lowes Toolbox for Education awarded PS 110 a $5000 grant!  The purpose of the grant is to turn our garden space into an outdoor classroom for use by students and teachers and to get more PS 110 families involved in greening our school.  Grant funds will be administered by the PTA and will purchase such items as: 
    • PS 110 garden benches
     • new planters 
    • a garden storage shed
    • class set of easels and clipboards
    • a weather station, digital rain gage and soil testers
• a birtdbath and weather proof seat cushions

With a grant from the Citizens Committee for NYC, PS 110 launched a cafeteria-to-garden composting project called Waste Less Grow More. LES Ecology Center provided composting workshops for all interested staff, students, and parents to kick off the project. Along with recycling, disposing of organic waste will become part of students’ regular cafeteria routine. The more organic waste we collect, the more compost we will generate for our garden! We will train 4th and 5th grade “student rangers” to help monitor organic waste disposal. Using an industrial scale young scientists at PS 110 will weigh scraps and assess our waste reduction.  

If you would like to get involved with our new green initiatives, please contact Laura Carroll (PS 110 parent) at